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Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman


Listen to Treasa O'Driscoll read chapter 1 of Celtic Woman. 

Celtic Woman explores with open honesty and engaging irony how cycles of personal discovery have connected international performing artist Treasa O'Driscoll to heaven and earth - but not the way you'd expect.

This surprising memoir of an Irish woman attuned to poetic updrafts and spiritual downloads in the lives of real people, many of them celebrities in Ireland and North America she counts as personal friends, exudes her Celtic heritage on every page.

Her encounters in life have been testing, tragic, romantic, and highly comic. The stars drew O'Driscoll to musicians, poets, teachers, artists, actors, farmers, unexpected strangers and familiar drunkards. Their lives all became a single interwoven tapestry of common meaning connected at the level of the soul.

"On this truly remarkable journey, the stars not only shine above the road, but reach down and touch the soul."
— Bruce Meyer, Canada, author The Golden Thread
"Treasa O'Driscoll has invented a new genre of literature — the soul memoir."
— Robert Sardello, United States, author of Freeing the Soul from Fear

"Richly layered with meaning, writing is thinking, here."
— Nuala O'Faolain, Ireland, author of My Dream of You