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Douglas Bland

Douglas Bland

Born in 1941, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Douglas Bland served as an officer for thirty years in operational units and senior operational staff appointments in the Canadian Forces. For more than a dozen years since then, as a professor in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, where he lives, he has held the Chair in Defence Studies.

Over the years, as author and editor of seven books and scores of monographs and learned articles in professional journals, Douglas Bland emerged as one of Canada’s most respected scholars and commentators on national and international defence and security affairs.

Often this led to a role in raising the awareness of policy-makers. He became a frequent witness before both Senate of Canada and House of Commons committees, and has served as an advisor to senior Canadian politicians, including former Prime Minister Paul Martin. Now, with Uprising, Bland’s audience is wider, his message more urgent.

Combining wide-ranging experiences, extensive military knowledge, historical research, travels in strife-torn regions of the world, and his long-held interest in the theory and practices of revolutionary warfare, Douglas Bland now masterfully presents in Uprising a chilling national narrative about a future aboriginal “people’s war” in Canada.