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Long Tu and Yuan Meng

Long Tu and Yuan Meng

Long Tu: I am a computer software engineer. Being the eldest son at home, I had to live up to high expectations. Even though my hard work paid off, I came down with a variety of diseases by the time I was 25. The doctor said that I had severe back problems, and would not be able to perform any more physical labour. It was a huge blow to my family and me. Since I began to cultivate in Falun Gong in 1996, however, my health recovered very quickly. Not only that, my thoughts grew clearer, my work efficiency rose, and very quickly I found a great job at Bell Labs (China) Lucent Technologies. Falun Gong brought tremendous benefits to my entire family.

By revealing these stories met by mainland China Falun Gong practitioners, I hope to expose the truth behind the persecution and remember the unforgotten heroes who have lived their lives with faith and integrity.

Yuan Meng: My grandfather was born a peasant farmer, but, through his own hard work, became an architect. My father entered the best university in China, and also wished to be an architect. But by then China was under Communist rule; he had to abide by the Party's job allocation system and sadly, never completed any architectural work.

Born to such a family, I was brought up to become an architect. I've won several awards, including the Silver Award at the National College Design Competition. I focused on dedicating myself for the betterment of my nation. During my career, I designed for the State Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore it felt like being struck by lightning when, after the persecution of Falun Gong began, I suddenly became an "enemy of the state" or "counter-revolutionary." During the persecution, even though I became disabled, I was nevertheless sent to a labour camp.

Through a torturous and painful journey, I was able to come to Canada in 2004. Continuing my studies at University of Toronto graduate school, I graduated with top honours in 2008 and began working in design again.

Also, as a survivor of the CCP's brutal persecution of Falun Gong, I feel obligated to expose the truth-one that has been intentionally covered up- and help save the lives of fellow Falun Gong practitioners at home.