Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Full dentures are the most frequent restoration used for patients missing all of their natural teeth. The only other alternative to a complete removable denture is a dental implant-supported prosthesis. Although removable dentures are usually the most affordable option for tooth replacement, they can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Read about 10 reasons to choose dental implants; there are many more. You might ask, “Is there an option that’s similar to dentures, but better?” 

Dental implants are an alternative to think about!

A dental implant is a tiny man-made titanium fixture that serves as a replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. Titanium is used because it is most compatible with all our bodies. The dental implant is put in the bone of the upper or lower jaw and also serves as an anchor for the replacement tooth. Read more.

1) Improved Appearance: Dental implant-supported prostheses are more natural than removable dentures in look and more appealing. They look and feel like natural teeth. Since implants fuse to bone, the prosthesis is permanent and non-removable.

2) Improved Confidence: Removable dentures become loose and may rock and lead to embarrassment for the wearer. Together with all the dental implant prostheses, someone could feel assured that teeth won’t move. All typical activities can be done without fear of embarrassment.

3) Comfort and Comfort: Removable dentures may cause sore spots in the mouth under the denture. Having a dental implant-supported prosthesis there are no sore spots. Removable dentures may be inconvenient since they need removal during the nighttime and for cleaning. They require messy adhesives. Patients who have dental implants do not experience these embarrassing situations.

4) Durability: Implants possess a high rate of success and endurance. They last many decades. With great care, implants can last a lifetime.

5) Improved Eating: Removable dentures may slide during eating and make eating a complex and miserable activity. The ability to chew foods enhances radically with dental implants. While removable dentures are only 20% to 25 percent as effective as an individual’s natural teeth, implant-supported prostheses are 80 percent as effective. A prosthesis supported by dental implants functions just like natural teeth making eating fun an easy experience.

6) Improved Flavor: A whole upper removable denture covers the roof of the mouth. Food is more challenging to taste and revel in. Having an implant-supported prosthesis, the roof of the mouth isn’t covered and food can be tasted fully.

7) Improved Nutrition and Health: Lots of foods cannot be eaten with removable dentures. With an implant-supported prosthesis, people can consume a varied, healthful diet that contains all essential food groups for enhanced nutrition. Chewy and crunchy foods like carrots, lettuce, and apples could be added to the diet.

8) Improved Speech: Removable dentures may make speaking sound garbled. The teeth may slip within the mouth resulting in mumbling or slurring of words. With dental implants, normal speech is generally not an issue and patients may feel assured that the teeth won’t slide during the conversation.

9) Reduced Chance of reduction: Removable dentures are readily lost. Dental implant-supported prostheses can’t be removed and misplaced.

10) Bone Development: Among the most devastating problems for patients wearing removable dentures would be that the reduction of bone that occurs over time. Gradually removable dentures become more challenging to wear as a result of this bone loss. The ridge gradually wears away providing less and less ridge to encourage the denture. Dental implants act just like natural teeth and aid in bone stimulation and development.


With a high speed of long-term achievement, greater comfort, and enhanced quality of life, dental implants are the ideal choice for many people of all ages. Ask the dental implants experts to learn more about tooth replacement.