Top 10 Amazing Libraries Of 2016

For book lovers, libraries are the most wonderful places on the planet. If you’re spiritual, you may fall in love immediately with the Admont Abbey library in Austria, the biggest monastery library. It was built in 1776 and it houses 70,000 volumes of monastery literature. When you look up at the ceiling, you’ll discover a lot of frescoes that depict human comprehension including Divine Revelation.

This library called Black Diamond is the largest library located in the Nordic countries. Right from the very first Danish publication printed in 1482, this library holds nearly all of the books printed in Danish. Unlike traditional libraries, this is situated in the waterside, allowing pupils to unwind with a book in hand soaking up sunlight. This library of the University of Dublin and Trinity College is the only library in Ireland called a copyright library. All books and periodicals that ask copyright protection must send a copy of the book to get copyrights.

The most popular book of the library is that the Book of Kells, made by the Celtic monks throughout the year 800. The Portuguese immigrants wanted to make an enormous storehouse of books when they moved to Brazil and this led to the creation of the Royal Portuguese Reading Room. This library has the largest collection of Portuguese literature and it’s not in Portugal. Built-in 1837, this library includes a limestone fa├žade that was originally sent from Lisbon. The National Library of China, located in Beijing is the largest library in Asia.

Besides a gigantic collection of books that may impress research scholars, this library also has a remarkable structure aimed at providing unobtrusive reading experience. Among the earliest monastery libraries in the world, the Abbey Library of Saint Gall is famous as a World Heritage Site. This has over 170,000 volumes of books and pre-1900 books have to be read on the website. A few of the publications in this library were created in the 8th century. The New York Public Library system is actually a collection of 93 branches of libraries around Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx.

The main branch on the fifth route has appeared in a variety of movies. The amazingly lit reading corner has numerous books in the fields of computer science, law and much more. If you would like to read something on theology, you have to visit the Strahov Monastery library that houses 3000 original manuscripts among its collection of 200,000 volumes. When it was constructed in 1850, this was among the most modern structures with exceptional architecture and iron piping. This elegant library is called the Temple of Knowledge and Space for Contemplation. As its name suggests, this library is one of the largest collections of rare books and artifacts housed in one of the most modern architectural architecture. This place has the Babylonia cuneiform tablet that dates back to 1789 BC. Additionally, it has the largest collection of works on labor movements.