World Poverty, How Do We Get People Involved The Poverty That Faces Our Country And The World?

Stopping poverty that confronts our nation and the world today. I know people are starving to death in our nation and around the world today. I need to know why are nations not doing more to fix this problem? I want Individuals around the world to wake up and discover what’s happening to children and their families in your own country. Have a look at the poverty that exists everywhere folks live. I want to understand how are our world leaders planning to handle this dilemma?

Poverty isn’t simply a problem in our nation poverty affects the entire world. I hope that nations will recognize that people are dying every day around the world for no other reason then nobody can get a response to poverty. I feel that To long nations have sat by while has nothing done to fix the poverty situation. I ask citizens of all states have to step up to get involved in finding answers to end poverty.

I don’t want any to observe another person to be born to poverty. I think it is time for many nations to work together to alter poverty on earth. I think that changes need to be made in all our nations involved to resolve poverty which takes the lives of so many folks? I’m tired of young children and their families are dying in each nation today I understand People are tired hungry to death from poverty. I believe this is quite a Stopping poverty in our nation and around the world is our responsibility.

I feel that Nations must reach out and feed their people. I think all these want people is to be feed and begin healing for all of them. I hope People in each country will stop and have a look around and see all of the senseless human sufferings that exists in all our countries. Then I’d ask all states what they can do to help those families who are suffering from poverty? I think that all nations should take the time to reach out to help their people with this issue. Perhaps all I can do is talk to these countries to others about how to help solve poverty.

I believe this will produce worldwide action to find all countries involved in managing worldwide poverty. I feel that Poverty is every nation’s problem to use their people to fix. I hope that this report will get the conversation going around our planet on how every nation can add to the conclusion of poverty. I’m writing this article to increase the world’s consciousness to never let any kid starve to death again I presume that all nations should speak out on any notion I know this is an issue that faces every nation but all of us have a responsibility to be certain all individuals are feed.

No longer can our nations leave all this work for missionaries and charities to manage all this poverty. I’m One voice talking to all nations to get quicker action on dealing with poverty that faces our planet. I Think about the number of nations that have kids and families which will die of poverty and it breaks my heart to know a lot of kids and people are dying for no other reason then a body won’t feed them. I pray that each will state really standing by and do nothing to prevent poverty which kills their own?

I’m calling upon most of all countries to reach out to help alter poverty That ends to a lot of lives too soon. I understand Kids are dying of poverty in each nation in the world. I’ll write to anybody that I can to change this issue. I believe that no nation should let their children die of poverty before they’ve had an opportunity to live. I feel that Dialogue is the first step to getting world cooperation to help prevent poverty. I expect every nation realizes young folks are the future of our nations. No faith would enable children to die of starvation why do we.

I hope that World wide cooperation against poverty is the solution. I’d Speak out on poverty all states this I hope will bring end inflation. Regardless of what country I’d speak out on poverty which exists in any state.  I would like to prevent hunger for children all around the world. I Will write whatever it requires conversation to begin between nations and their people to prevent poverty. I feel that working to prevent poverty in most countries must become the top priority for many countries. Our nations may be divided by beliefs but people are still starving to death in each nation of poverty and its time to stop it.

I am aware that I am tired of seeing children dying of hunger in every nation. Please Speak out on poverty from nations all around the world. Our countries may go to war over different beliefs that are still no reason for people to die of hunger. I hope all our nations will combine to feed their people and end poverty. I hope that this report will give people hope in most countries that someday nobody will need to die of hunger. I really do think Nations can still work to end poverty which takes a lot of people from our countries. I feel that these are the fundamental rights of all people to have food clothes medical attention these are fundamental human rights of individuals in most nations. I feel that as long as one person anywhere on earth is perishing of hunger. I believe that most of us have a responsibility to see that nobody goes hungry. I expect our nation together with other Countries will begin dialogs for an end to