Preventive Care For Happier and Healthier Pets

Taking care of a pet is somewhat like taking care of your own child. According to studies, 44% of millennials opt into pet care instead of parenthood. This number has substantially increased since 1996 and is showing more signs of rising for the future years to come. That being said, making sure that your pet is protected and well taken care of is very important as it can be stressful for both you and your pet if they get sick.

Why is Preventive Care Important?

A dog’s average lifespan is said to be around 10 to 13 years, while cats would be approximately 2 to 16 years. As a pet owner, that time can be too short and may fly by quickly, making us wonder how we can be with them a lot longer than that. Our pets are more than just a friend; they are family.

Just the idea of them not being with us is frightening; that is why providing them with the utmost care, regular checkups, and basically, everything they need to keep them happy and healthy is a top priority. Here are some preventive care you can do for your pet with the help of an expert veterinarian. If you’re looking for a trusted clinic for your pets’ regular checkups, you may consider going to this Flat Rock animal hospital.

Oral Care

Taking care of our pets’ dental health is as important as oral care is for humans. They also tend to develop dental health issues like periodontal disease caused by bacteria buildup in their mouth. This can lead to gingivitis, then an infection in the root of their tooth. If you start noticing bleeding from their mouth, reduced appetite, or abnormal chewing, drooling, and unusual dropping of food from their mouth, it’s wise to visit a dentist for pets as these are some signs of dental problems. You can learn more about pet dentistry here.


Pets are prone to diseases, and they have a higher chance of being infected just by engaging with other dogs or cats. Rabies is one thing, but it is scary that deadly diseases like heartworm, parvovirus, and distemper can be airborne, making vaccinations for these illnesses a top priority for pet owners and veterinarians. To prevent such diseases as early as possible, we must do everything that we can, starting with dog and cat vaccinations.

Neuter and Spay

According to studies, almost 27% of unneutered dogs may develop testicular tumors, and 50% of female dogs may develop mammary cancer. While this can be treated with surgery if discovered early, having the option of not making your dog go through that pain by neutering and spaying makes a huge difference. Aside from medical benefits, neutering and spaying can also improve the behavior of your pets.


Spending time with your pets, socializing with them, and keeping your house and yard safe and clean for them is considered preventive care. However, we as pet owners must not forget that they need medical attention as much as humans need it. If there’s something we are unsure about, it’s always a good idea to reach out to veterinary professionals to prevent any serious issues that may occur. You may also consider choosing your vet clinic carefully as the lives of your pet heavily relies on them.