Rescue, Rehab, and Adopt: Give Rescue Animals a Second Life

If there are angels here on earth, they are those who go to great lengths to reach out to neglected stray or mistreated animals. These individuals are exceptionally kind, as this is no ordinary feat. Opening your hearts and hands to these poor animals is an honorable act only a few can achieve. If you share the same passion with these individuals, learn how you can start caring for the lowly animals.

Where the Animals Come From

You may encounter these pitiful animals waiting to be helped in several places.

From the Streets

Rescuers find some animals on the streets–hungry, neglected, and almost wild. These animals may be difficult to approach as they might be defensive, particularly since they live most of their lives in survival mode. Most street rescues have health concerns, and some may even suffer from badly infected injuries.

Puppy Mills

It is surprisingly common and barbaric that some people still run inhumane commercial breeding locations. The rescues from these horrible locations have experienced trauma, not just physically but also psychologically. Some have never seen beyond a cage and exist just to breed for man’s greed.

Dog Fight Rings

Shameless humans nowadays still find dog fighting entertaining. This inhumane and heinous form of animal cruelty is illegal. Dogs found here have been trained to fight and sometimes even to the death. Smaller-sized animals have likewise been saved from locations such as this, like young puppies and felines, badly hurt and mutilated. These small animals have been used as “bait” to train the fighting dogs.

Where Rescuers Bring Them

After the rescue, these animals are fed and sent to the veterinarian.

Health Check

An urgent veterinarian will perform an intensive medical examination on these animals to see if they require any medical procedures. Wounds are dealt with, deworming/antiparasitic medications and vaccines are provided, and emergency surgical procedures may likewise be performed.


Professionals are given the privilege to carry out grooming services for these animals. Some rescues have tremendously matted hair, harboring foreign objects and parasites, and some might be aggressive. All are treated with utmost care to ensure the animals are relaxed and feel comfy and loved. These groomers are well-experienced in handling the bathing of pets of all kinds.


When veterinarian care and grooming are done, these animals are presented with a new lease on life. Rehab will reintroduce them to the outside world to socialize with other animals and humans.

Pet Shelters

These dogs and cats might often be taken to shelters with modest small kennels. However, recently increasingly more private citizens welcome these pets into their properties, like farms, to be taken care of in “group homes.” They are enabled to interact with other animals in these areas to permit them to psychologically and physically heal from past traumas.

Foster Homes

There are volunteer fur parents that take in animals requiring additional care. These individuals might have the experience of raising other animals, even some with special needs. These selfless people nurse these animals back to health, showering them with love till these animals find their determination to live and trust again.

Forever Homes

From shelters and foster homes, the rescues may find their forever families. Rescue animal advocates are assertively locating new homes for these animals. They look for owners that can nurture these animals and provide for their basic needs, such as cat and dog routine exams. They actively screen and filter possible adoptive fur parents to ensure that these special cats and dogs will get the love and care they need and should have.